The ACADEMY was founded to help aspiring authors like you  
TRANSFORM your story into your book.  

"What if you could partner with Jesus as you TRANSFORM your story into your book so that your breakthrough becomes your readers breakthrough?" - Andrew Martin

An 8-Month LIVE Academy Experience

Live on Zoom Thursday Nights 8pm Central

**Replays Available in Private FB Community**

February 23rd - October 26th 2023

**Excludes One Week Break per 6 Week Session Plus June/July Summer Break**

"Your STORY is a catalyst for something more." - Tonya J. Williams

First Semester | Feb 23rd - May 18th

Second Semester | Aug 23rd - Oct 26th

"When you write a life-changing book, your new life begins." - A.J. Harper

"Your STORY is a catalyst for something more." - Tonya J. Williams

First Semester | February 23rd - May 18th

Second Semester | August 3rd - October 26th

"When you write a life-changing book, your new life begins." - A.J. Harper

Note: This is NOT a self-directed video course.

This is a JOURNEY, which means we are in this together.

Regina Tisdale
Author of Losing My Power Forward: Rebounding Through Grief 
& Wife of the NBA Late-Great Wayman Tisdale
My experience with Andrew Martin, as my ghostwriter and my coach, was absolutely amazing! Writing my story created so much anxiety and uncertainty, it can be an extremely daunting task to be so transparent. When you’re telling your story, particularly with it ending tragically, I could not have partnered with a better person. I would unequivocally recommend as well as go back to Andrew, if God gives me more to say! Andrew has a love for writing and helping others get their stories out! I have nothing but praise about my experience with someone that I now consider a friend!
"Story Set Go did something I was not expecting. It gave me the tools I needed to actually start writing my book. With what I learned, I was able to quickly develop the layout and flow of the book.  My book went from a vague, unattainable concept to something concrete that I can now develop." 

- Phil B.
"I have been in other writing challenges and have gone to YouTube U in an attempt to learn how to tell my story. Those avenues told me how to write low content books fast, how to publish on Amazon, and how to market. Basically, I wasted a lot of time. But Andrew Martin caused me to see my story in an even more dynamic way and created a new excitement about sharing it with the world." 

- Tonya W.
"Andrew Martin brought a language and strategy piece that I knew I was missing but had no road map to understand how to navigate to the next step.  He delivered so much valuable content and understanding and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to dive into more learning with this amazing group of writers and authors.

- Sarah E.
"Best decision I made was joining this Story Set Go. Andrew Martin you are an exceptional leader in this and I am so excited to complete my book and continue in this journey. Absolutely an incredible value for an invaluable service. This investment is lasting a legacy of a lifetime. Thank you so much and it had been an honor and privilege to work with you.🥰❤️✅🎤" 

- Shelly J.

Join the #1 Community & Training Program for Aspiring Impact-Driven Authors

  • 24 Weeks of LIVE Training/Equipping: Get all the knowledge, experience, and how-to for TRANSFORMING your story into a great book (VALUE $5200)
  • 7 Community-Based Feedback Sessions: Training & Access to the 3 Types of People Every Author Can't Be Successful Without (VALUE $1200)
  • ​Igniting IDENTITY Community Sessions: Bi-Monthly Group Coaching w/Tonya J. Williams (VALUE $1800)
  • BONUS Training: The INS & OUTS of Publishing: Everything You Need to Know That You Didn't Know You Needed (VALUE $1000)
  • ​Launch Party: It's TIME to put you in a position to Launch your Book as a Bestseller! (priceless)
  • ​Community: Writing a Book can be lonely, causing writer's block, depression, and sometimes killing the book before it ever gets out. Our Community is designed for aspiring authors just like you, in the process together. (priceless)


ONLY $997


"We don't realize the power of our story, until we tell it. When you take that brave step, and share vulnerably your trials and your triumph, that is when you see how your story empowers others to get breakthrough. From a neuroscience standpoint, simply sharing your story helps you to break free from patterns in your brain that were developed in times that you suffered tragedy. BUT when you keep your story to yourself, your brain has a tendency to replay, over and over again, events in your life that sends you into a spiral. 

Andrew Martin is a masterful storyteller, with a remarkable ability to bring you, the reader, into the story as if you were there. He shows you how to share your story powerfully, even if you are someone who thinks you don't have a story to tell. 

After all, your brain is actually designed to share your story." 
Dr. Darlene A. Lobel 
Neurosurgeon & Neuroscientist | Speaker & Author
**Find the entire excerpt from Darlene in Andrew's first book, Story Suicide: Identifying the Value of your Story and Transforming it into your Super Power


Andrew Martin has been speaking on stages, using the power of stories for more than a decade. As a former pastor, stories have always played a huge role in his purpose & calling. 

In 2019 he authored his first book, Story Suicide. In the middle of '21, he embarked on 3 once-in-a-lifetime ghostwriting opportunities. Since, he's worked with professional athletes, politicians, business professionals, grandma's & grandpa's, moms & dads, and entrepreneurs... 

GGhostwriting with influential giants plus coaching & mentoring many others enabled Andrew to discover a process unknown to far too many who are setting out to transform their own story into a book. 

Andrew has compiled all that he's learned, experienced, struggled through, and seen success in in preparation for you in this LIVE Academy Experience. 

Your STORY is about you, but it is not for you ONLY. Your world is waiting.


"Andrew Martin really caused me to value the importance of my story and the purpose of my words, to consider my audience, and how to fashion my story with them in mind. It has been full of helpful editorial tips & publishing information necessary to any new author. Week after week, Andrew provided heartfelt encouragement, vulnerability, and enthusiasm to see our stories come to completion. I highly recommend this course!"

- Susan M.
 "The way Andrew took his time and did not have a sense of rush or urgency was really nice and set the tone for soaking and receiving. I don’t even like meetings, but I LOVED these coaching sessions! It is obvious that Andrew is partnering with God and hearing from Him in the sessions. The fact that they are so personalized and detailed is what is really powerful."

- Landry L.
"Andrew has an amazing gift for story and seeing a vision of what people can become. He's a great encourager, influencer, and leads in practical & exciting ways to bring to light that gift that others carry. I feel like I have new excitement, a vision, and a much better understanding on where I NEED to go in life. Not because I HAVE to, but because I GET to, and I see a vision of it. It’s a Legacy Unfolding. My gift is being unlocked, thanks to Andrew for sharing his gifting."

- Anita H.


The MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is designed to serve you, 1-on-1, concurrently with the ACADEMY through your TRANSFORMATIONAL journey of writing your story into your book. 


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